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Magna finds faster way to electrify trucks

Magna International's approach to getting pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles electrified is to drop in axle replacements.

No time to spare on ID4, VW calls Dürr

VW's new EV production line in Zwickau faced a potential time-consuming process, but supplier Dürr devised a fix.

A green mobility bank could give EVs the spark they need

Access to low-interest financing can overcome the public's initial hesitancy to adopt electric vehicles and get the market for a new technology moving.

Highlights from the latest episodes of "Daily Drive," July 16-22

Here are edited highlights from the latest episodes of "Daily Drive," Automotive News' weekday podcast, July 16-22.

COVID dashes Toyota's Olympic ad dreams

After five years of waiting and about $1 billion spent to become a sponsor, the automaker has decided not to run advertisements in its home country connected to the event.

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