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The auto industry's opportunity during the coronavirus crisis

These painful but profitable pandemic times could lead to more happy days again.

Chip crisis highlights need for industry collaboration

Increasing capacity and managing inventories will help address the current shortages. However, neither remedy solves the longer-term challenges for automakers and suppliers.

What's standing between VW's ID4 and profits? It's the battery

The profitability equation is a challenge facing not only VW, but other automakers as they transition to volume EVs.

Attention heats up on Cooling-Off Rule

While a pivot to remote sales and home vehicle deliveries has provided greater convenience to consumers, the approach could expose dealers to a nearly 50-year-old federal law that regulates their ability to conduct a sale at a setting other than their permanent place of business.

Building relationships can lift profits long term

F&I strategies need to focus on building long term customer relationships, not just profit per vehicle retail.